Refresh Time
September 18, 2023

Refresh Time

It never fails that once Summer is over I see my house with new eyes.. and it the eyes of a woman who's starting to think about entertaining/holidays and how that one room just isn't cutting it. 
So what do you do when lighting a match and starting over… I mean renovating… isn't the answer? You change the accessories. Just like any plain white tee and jeans can feel fresh + elevated with the right shoe, bag or necklace, your house can transform with the right “jewelry” of it's own: bedding, pillows, ART (you knew it was coming).
Here are some things that have caught my eye (and yes, that striped bedding is on the tippy top of my inspo).
The fun art, the striped bedding, the rest is neutral yet these accessories give this so much personality!
A layered, one of a kind piece (I mean, that vintage parchment in the center…). Let's just call it a gamechanger you'll never get tired of seeing. Shop it here.
More stripes, I know, but the mood these darker walls and warm woods (those drawers!) and art make me want to curl up and stay forever… 
When you want that dark, cozy, moody vibe (without painting the walls) this is your painting. Shop it here.
Might as well round out the stripe inspo (yes, I'm currently having pillows in a bold stripe made), but really what I'm loving is the red! Its on trend for the Fall, with designers and fashionistas alike adding just a touch of it to their looks… and I'm here for it.
Just a touch of red is the ultimate look… and their might be some stripes in there too… Shop it here.
I read a quote recently that hit home: "A room that doesn't beckon you isn't doing it's job." So consider this a jumping off point for putting those rooms to work :)
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