More on Greens
August 22, 2022

More on Greens

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still."

This painting is all about working on weaknesses and celebrating that they are a part of this beautiful life we get to experience.  My weakness is plants-- I have the brownest of thumbs! I've tried everything, yet my dream of being a garden lady with gorgeous fruits and veggies with massive wild flowers growing in my cottage garden seems further and further away.

I wanted to turn my struggle into something beautiful-- so I painted it. You'll see in the variety of greens all the ways I've experimented with gardening, the ticks and scribbles representing the time, attempts, planning and failings, and the swathes of negative space representing me coming to peace with the fact this just may not be my thing.. but to keep trying.

The beauty is in the journey, right??

This painting, Green Thumb, is available in my online shop if she needs to be yours!