Fall Collection: Tara Fust
September 14, 2023

Fall Collection: Tara Fust

It was so fun talking to Tara Fust of Tara Fust Design this month about which of the paintings from my Fall collection are her absolute favorites (though in her words, “How do I pick just three??”)! If you aren't familiar with Tara's work, prepare to be obsessed. Her philosophy is “Live Better, Feel Better.” Her spaces feel original, authentic, and put you at ease all at the same time. Frankly, they're just plain cool. And who doesn't want that? 
As she puts it,"While I'm not one for labels, those three little words tell you a lot about my design (and life!) philosophy and how this creative brain works. Collected, liveable, and absolutely unfussy are a few more words that give an insight to my design style and how I approach each and every project. I honestly think you can fall in love with your house, and create a place that feels as good as it looks.
She's lent her expert eye to choose her standouts from my collection-- see what she picked below!
The palette, the layering, the “marks”…it’s the perfect piece to add drama and beauty to any wall or arrangement, and the size makes it so workable.
Of course this one resonates…. Love the use of the charcoal color that “opens up to the sky”…in my mind, this piece represents the idea of possibility as the charcoal border opens up and allows access to the spirit of discovery, in that next chapter. 
Let’s start with the collage: so good! That dark teal is my love language…and every time I look at this piece I see an ochre/yellow BIRD flying through the it all. There’s so much going on this piece, and every time I look I see something new to love. I could literally design an entire room around this one.
Thanks so much, Tara!
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