Matthew Monroe Bees
March 05, 2024

Matthew Monroe Bees

I LOVED catching up with designer Matthew Monroe Bees and hearing his take on the new collection! Matthew, a southerner through in through, has a fabulous eye for grand interiors that are over the top yet livable. His instagram is the most inspiring to follow, showing his collected, euro-continental, southern design while also letting you into his world in Alabama (he lives in my hometown, Mobile!). Scroll to see which paintings from my latest collection he loves and why. Thank you, Matthew!
"July 6th 1967," 20" x 20," oil on canvas framed in white oak. Shop here.
"The size works anywhere. It has a great sky to sea feel. It would be at home in Nantucket or Amelia Island and anywhere between. I love that little dab of ochre in the corner."
"November 5th 1825," 30" x 30," oil on canvas framed in white oak. Shop it here.
"A  great size for a collection wall. Love the depth of color around the outside but open at the tip top like a vessel or chalice. I would love to see it in a masculine space with a deep color on the walls."
"Summer Solstice 1977," 36" x 36," oil on canvas framed in white oak. Shop here.
"A very walk in nature feeling piece, almost like an over pixelated photo. Would be fabulous in a room full of oil landscapes to give a bit of life and fresh air feeling."
Thank you so much, Matthew! Shop the full collection here. See Matthew's work here. Loved this? Read more from The Designer Edit series here.