Virtual Classes FAQ

How long do I have to watch the class I rented?

Each class has a 30 day rental period (i.e., time limit), and you can watch as many times as you'd like during those 30 days. The rental period starts once you have accessed the video (clicked the link to watch). It works just like Amazon or iTunes paid movie streaming services. See the full library of classes available to rent here.

How does the subscription work?

Once you subscribe, you have access to the entire library of virtual painting classes, with unlimited views and no expiration on time. New classes and tutorials are added each month. Supply lists are provided for each class in the supply list collection of your subscription library, and linked to online retailers for easy shopping. Subscriptions are $149 a month, and your card will be charged on the day of the month you originally purchase. Subscriptions require a three month commitment.

You have the option to choose between a monthly subscription and an annual subscription. Once you hit subscribe on the subscription product page, you'll have the opportunity to choose between an annual and monthly plan at checkout.

I want to rent a class, but your site keeps prompting me to subscribe. How do I find classes available to rent?

Vimeo (the site host for my abstract painting school) is not without it’s kinks! You can rent all of my classes, available under the “Titles Available for Purchase” section at the bottom of the browse page of my abstract painting school site. Direct link here.

I want to cancel my subscription. How do I do that?

You can cancel at any time, and find detailed instructions here.

If you cannot find this, PLEASE REACH OUT TO VIMEO HERE. I am not an IT expert, and the Vimeo team can easily walk you through this process.

I don’t want to subscribe, but I’d love to rent a few classes at a time. Do you ever bundle classes?

Yes! I offer several bundles! Click the title to view:

I am a very beginner painter. What classes would you recommend I take?

I have two beginner classes for new painters (or those new to me or abstract painting): Intro to Abstract (think of it as class #1) and Abstract II (class #2), as well as a Beginner Series, that includes the two beginner classes, a composition tutorial and color palette building class. That being said, I teach very step by step, and my classes are accessible for all levels of painters. So, if you are a beginner painter, but would rather paint a painting from a newer class instead of the beginner classes, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN (and should!).

I am a seasoned painter, and I’d love to learn some new techniques. Which classes do you recommend?

I’d love to teach you some new techniques! If you’re an intermediate painter (you know the basics, ready to know more) check out my Intermediate category here. If you’re an advanced painter, check out my more advanced classes here. That being said, all of my classes are taught step by step, so if you see one you like, take it! I’ve learned that I always learn something new from another artist.

I have never used acrylic paint before. Can I still take your classes?

Yes! Acrylic paint is a water based paint (so no fumes!) and incredibly easy to learn. In every class I walk you through how to mix your paint, how much water to add to your brush and your paint, and how to apply the paint to your canvas (or paper). You will not be lost!

Where do I find the supply list for my class?

If you are renting a class, you can find the supply list in the extras of your rental. For subscribers, all supply lists can be found in the supply list collection of your subscription library. All supplies are linked to my preferred suppliers, for easy online shopping. Having trouble? Make sure you are logged in to the website to access the supply list. 

How much do supplies cost?

The cost of supplies is different for every class, as every class requires different paint, canvas/paper and tools. Typically, the larger the canvas/paper size or number, the more you'll pay for supplies (more canvas and paint used!). Here's an example supply list.

Do I need to buy everything on the supply list for my class?

In order to match the class painting, I strongly suggest buying the same brand and shades of paint listed on the supply list, because pigments vary from brand to brand. However, once you have the paint feel free to use comparable items you have on hand. That being said, often times we do not use all of the paint suggested in class, so you will be able to use again, and all the items I suggest are of great quality, so again, you’ll be able to use them again!

Can I use oil paint instead of acrylic paint?

If you are an oil painter, I understand wanting to stick to your medium of choice. However, in order to match the class painting, I do recommend using the listed acrylic paint on the supply list, as pigments vary from brand to brand.

How long is each class?

Most of my videos are just under two hours, however I highly recommend pausing whenever you feel the need (e.g., taking extra time to mix paint, work through a certain step). The average student takes around two hours to complete the class.

I’m having trouble accessing my abstract painting school account/finding my log in email. Can you help?

For all IT needs, please reach out to my host site, Vimeo. Their IT team can help you with all things site/log in related. You can reach out to them here, and their help icon is located at the bottom of the virtual classroom website.

Can I email you if I have any questions?

Of course! Anything related to painting or the classroom, feel free to contact me here. For IT help, reach out to Vimeo (website host of my virtual class site) here.

Can I give a class as a gift?

Yes! Select the gift option at checkout.

Can the recipient of the gifted class choose the class they want to take?

No. Unfortunately at this time the software does not give an option for blanket class gift purchasing. You must specify which class you are buying and select the gift option at checkout.

In Studio Classes: I am no longer teaching in-studio classes.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to reach out